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Eloise Wellings is a founding Director of the Love Mercy Foundation which exists to see Northern Ugandans live an empowered life, free to claim their basic human rights to a secure food supply, income, education, health, and equality, through sustainable development projects.


Our projects are based on enabling the potential of local communities.  Love Mercy was founded in 2009 after Eloise met Ugandan Dual Olympian Julius Achon, who was team captain and flag bearer for Uganda at the Sydney 2000 Olympics.


One morning on a routine training run in Uganda, Julius Achon literally stumbled upon 11 orphaned children living at a bus shelter. These children, who had been affected by Africa's longest running war, were without food, clothing, housing or education, with some of the children unable to remember even their own names.


From that day on, Julius took the children on as his own family.  Julius Himself grew up in severe poverty in the remote village of Awake in Northern Uganda. At the age of 12, He was captured by rebels, from the Lords Resistance Army and forced to become a child soldier.


He was held captive for 3 months until an opportunity to escape arose when a government plane flew over the LRA camp and started attacking the rebels. 

To read more about our projects head to our website: and follow us on facebook 

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